(partial listing)

SUNY at Binghamton: Strategic Partnership for Industrial Resurgence (SPIR)

"Self-Resonance Characterization for High Voltage Capacitors"

Grant: Custom Electronics Incorporated
PI/co-PI: D. C. Hopkins PI-100%, one RA supported
Term: January 1996 – June 1996
Value: $40,000 ($2,000 from CEI)

"Photovoltaic Electric Vehicle Charging Station"

Grant: ETM Solar Works
PI/co-PI: D. C. Hopkins, PI-100%, one RA supported
Term: September 1994 – September 1995
Value: $91,672 (ETM: 32,400, BU: $59,272)

"Logarithmic Amplifier and Detector Mixer Development"

Grant: US Dynamics Corporation
PI/co-PI: D. C. Hopkins, PI-100%, one RA supported
Term: November 1994 – January 1995
Value: $35,800 (USDC: 28,040, BU: $7,770)

SUNY at Binghamton

Auburn University

  1. "Thermal Conductivity of Copper Clad Ceramics"
    Grant: Brush Wellman Incorporated
    PI/co-PI: D. C. Hopkins, PI-70%, S. H. Bhavnani, CI-30%
    Term: November 1991 – October 1992
    Value: $19,500
  2. "Non-Contact Power Supply,"
    Contract: Alabama Power Company,
    PI/co-PI: D. C. Hopkins PI-100%
    Term: October 1991 - June 1992
    Amount: $15,012 (AU cost share $5,136)
  3. "Materials Support for the Investigation of Charge Equalization in Serial Batteries,"
    Grant: NASA-Marshal Space Flight Center,
    PI/co-PI: D. C. Hopkins, PI-100%
    Term: June 01,1991 – December 31, 1991
    Amount: $4,335 (AU cost share $1,335)
  4. "Equalizing Converters for Serial Battery Charging,"
    Grant: Sol-of-Auburn, solar powered EV project
    PI/co-PI: D. C. Hopkins 100%,
    Term: September 1990 - June 1991
    Value: Internally funded, support one RA position
  5. "Sol-of-Auburn,"
    Grant: Auburn University Service,
    PI/co-PI: S. H. Bhavnani-PI, D. C. Hopkins CI-30%
    Term: Jan. 1989 - August 1990
    Value: Cash Donation $65,000; Mat'l Donation $38,000
  6. "Suitability of Co-Firable Ceramics for Development of Power Microelectronic Systems,"
    Grant: Auburn Univ. Research-Grant-in-Aid,
    PI/co-PI: D. C. Hopkins, PI-100%; two UGAs
    Term: January 01, 1989 – April 15, 1990
    Value: $3,800
  7. "High Density Power Transformer,"
    Contract: Unisys Corporation,
    PI/co-PI: D. C. Hopkins, PI-100%, two UGAs
    Term: September – December, 1989
    Amount: $8,724
  8. "Power Electronics Research Laboratory Grant,"
    Grant: Tektronix Incorporated,
    PI/co-PI: D. C. Hopkins, 100%
    Term: November 1989
    Value: $87,536 (AU cost share $20,768, Tektronix $66,768)
    Total Funding (November 1989 – present)
    value: $809K
    cash and equip.: $493K