Dates Student Degree Awarded Title/Topic As
2004-2008 John Otabachian MEng Enhanced Substation Voltage Regulation; By Computer Control MP
2004-2005 Charan Kumar Babu Thondapu Vignu MS Digital Control of Alternator Using Delta Sigma Technique MP
2001-2003 Hu Ye PhD Reliability of BGA Solder Joints Under Electrical Current for Power Electronic Packaging Co-
1994-1997 Ilien B. Schirmer MEd Retention Factors in Undergraduate Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Programs at the State University of New York at Binghamton CM
1995-1996 Michael Misiewicz MS Non-Linear Capacitor Characterization through Self-Resonant Testing MP
1994-1995 Ronald K. Huber MS On-Line Diagnostic System for Power Generators CM
1995-1997 Michael F. Thompson MS A Space Vector Modulated, Three Phase, Four Wire Inverter MP
1993-1996 Nathan L. Richardson MS Modeling and Characterization of Field Aided Drift in Highly Interdigitated Thyristor devices MP
1995-1997 Alex Craig MS Modeling and Characterization of a New, Ultra Fast, High Power, Four Layer Semiconductor Device, The Pulsed Power Thyristor MP
1994-1996 David Scheel MS A Co-Generation Fueling Station for Electric Vehicles MP
1994-1996 Clark Bendall MS A Zero–Voltage Transition Audio Amplifier Employing a New Current Control Technique MP
1994-1996 Jason Young MS Control of a Transitional Boost–Buck Converter MP
1995-1996 Faye Li MS Analysis and Control of a Resonant–Switched Self–Oscillating Converter MP
1991-1995 Ron Wunderlich PhD Modeling of Emission and High Injection Effects on a Four–Layer Semiconductor Structure MP
1993-1995 M. Sakar MS A Mathematical Approach to Minimize the Total Mass of a Space Based Power System by Using Multivariate Non–Linear Optimization MP
1989-1992 Roland S. Saint-Pierre MS Analysis of a Self-Oscillating Zero-Voltage Switched Quasi-Resonant Half-Bridge DC-DC Converter CM
1992-1993 Danny Root MS Synthesis of Switch–Mode Power Electronic Circuits for Energy Recirculation and Storage MP
1991-1992 J. R. Weber MS Lunar Base Power System Design Considerations CM
1991-1992 Charles R. Mosling MS Using DC/DC Converters to Equalize the Charging of Long Battery Strings MP
1990-1991 Rahul Puri MS Hybrid Implementation of an Off–Line DC–DC 500 Watt Zero–Current Switched Quasi–Resonant Power Converter MP


Also on committee of:

P. Barkley Ph. D. 1993 - 1998

V. Blaignan Ph. D. 1993 - 1995

J. Hamilton M. S. 1989 - 1990

P. Schmidt M. S. 1991 - 1993

W. Franz M. S. 1988 - 1992

A. Lipincott M. S. 1987 - 1990