Thermal Performance Comparison and Metallurgy of Direct Copper Bonded AlN, Al2O3 and BeO Assemblies - ISHM '92 Proceedings


Presented is a direct empirical comparison of direct bonded copper (DBC) Al2O3, AlN and BeO. A packaging structure incorporating a field effect transistor mounted onto two-sided DBC ceramic was fabricated with thermocouples carefully placed to measure the temperature difference between the top chip surface and bottom of the metalized-substrate. A 2D computer simulation was used to predict the ideal thermal conductivity of a substrate layer for a given temperature difference. The measure and predicted temperature differences were compared, and a resulting equivalent thermal conductivity (Ke) was determined which included interfacial and void effects. Results show that BeO has a substantially higher Ke than AlN at 8C but both have lower values at 27C due to the strong inverse temperature dependence of Ke. The Ke for Al2O3 actually increases from that at 27C because of heat spreading in the thick metalization. The Ke is the actual value a designer should use for the ceramic at the corresponding operating temperature.

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