Aluminium-Based High-Temperature (200C) Packaging for SiC Power Converters - IMAPS '06


This paper describes the development of a comprehensive packaging approach for high-power, high-temperatire power electronic systems, which utilize Silicon Carbide (SiC) transistors. The approach is aluminum-based using an aluminum conductor, aluminum nitride (AlN) substrate and an aluminum-silicon-carbide (AlSiC) combination to minimize dissimilar metal interfaces. A cast process is able to pattern and capture the AlN into AlSiC net-shape structure. Other techniques for selective electrical isolation and device mounting are discussed. The resulting multi-chip power module allows the SiC transistors to operate up to 350C while keeping the gate drive below 250C. Six modules are interconnected in a frame to provide a processed power density of >70W/ (>1.1kW/ with forced air-cooling in a 150C ambient, and 19kW/kg with 97% efficient converter.

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